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One Game to Rule Them All...

The gaming community boggles my mind sometimes. In particular, I'm thinking of Eberron, the new D&D setting that WotC has just released. The folks on the ENWorld boards are all excited by its premise of being D&D does pulp adventure ... the image they keep referring to is the dwarf gumshoe and the half-elf Indiana Jones.

Frankly, this makes me want to scream. Pulp setting games don't sell more than five copies, but when a D&D setting does "pulp fantasy," that's exciting??? WTF is that about?

What next? D&D martial arts adventures, since Street Fighter was a flop? Are people going to be excited about their Shaolin Gnome? Spelljammer already did "D&D in space" so we don't have to bother with Traveller any more. How about D&D does the Old West? "Black Bart and his gang o' half-orcs gone and shot up the elvish settlement! Paladins, summon your mounts and let's ride!"

The whole promise of the d20 system was to be able to go beyond D&D -- so why can't the gaming community friggin' DO that?

-The Gneech
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