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Kung Fu / Narcissism Post

Since I haven't had a narcissism post in a while, and I'm vegetating in front of the computer after Kung Fu class anyhow, I might as well do one now. :)

First, right off the bat: Owsore hurty groan hatejogging moan owie...

Now that's out of the way, I'm noticing an odd and rather mindbending phenomenon. As the rest of my body trims up, my belly has started to look more and more distended -- because what it's actually doing is staying the same size.

Weight loss, you see, is like melting snow ... it all goes away at roughly the same rate, so the areas of your body that have less fat trim up quickly, while the areas of your body that have more take foreeeeeeeever. And men tend to store fat -- you guessed it -- on their belly.

So these days I've got, if I do say so myself, pretty svelte legs, mighty muscular forearms, and a fairly buff chest ... and then a giant mushroom of a tummy. Ugh! It's no bigger than it ever was, in fact it's detectably smaller compared to what it once was, but I notice it more.

Feh. Too much ice cream as a kid!

Tonight was the second Monday night Kung Fu class I've been to -- I missed Monday night last week. It's weird how it balances ... Monday night is a beginner class, so the curriculum is easier, while Saturday is an advanced class, so the curriculum is quite tough. BUT Monday night is at 7:30 on a weekday night, so I'm already pooped when class starts, while Saturday is at 11:30 a.m., so I'm near my peak energy level of the day. Net result: Saturday, the tougher class, is still actually easier for me!

I am very glad to be going more regularly tho, and it's definitely the Monday night class I have to thank for that. Thank you, Sifu!

-The Gneech

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