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Air Pirates of the Pacific! (gaming)

Okay, players, how does this idea grab you?

Crimson SkiesBig Guns. Fast Planes. Gorgeous Dames.

The year is 1937. The United States has shattered under the combined weight of the Great Depression, regional Prohibition and mounting isolationism. The transcontinental railroad and the budding highway system have become useless as they now cross hostile borders. Commerce and trade leave the ground as air travel now becomes a vital lifeline connecting allied countries -- and a national obsession -- while daring air pirates and valiant air militias battle for control of the skies. Giant zeppelins crisscross the skies, carrying both passengers and cargo. It is a time of gunship diplomacy and airship piracy. It is the age of the fighter pilot and a time of daredevil adventure and sinister intrigue. It is the world of Crimson Skies…

Inspired by the original FASA board game and the Microsoft video games, "Air Pirates of the Pacific" uses the d20 Modern rules to tell tales of the newest recruits to The Fortune Hunters, mercenary thrill-seekers under the leadership of "Gentleman Pirate of the Air," Nathan Zachary. Your characters begin their careers at a seedy waterfront dive in Hawaii, listening to Krakatoa Katie belt out a torch song, and wondering why your contact with The Fortune Hunters hasn't shown up yet...

A packet of background information and character creation guidelines will be provided; characters will begin at 3rd level. When the time comes to hit the air, dogfights will use a mapped system based on the Star Wars d20 space combat rules, with counters from the Crimson Skies Heroclix games. To get more of a feel for Crimson Skies check out Crimson Skies Universe, Microsoft's Site, and the Xbox Sequel Site.

Poll #312344 Crimson Skies -- Whattya Think?

How's a little barnstorming tickle your fancy?

Whoa, COOL!
Sure, sounds fun.
Does it have to actually have dogfighting? Seems like a lot of new rules to learn.
WTF is Crimson Skies?
Yeah, sure, whatever.
Eh, I'm not really interested.
Gawd, this sounds awful!
Actually, how about doing (fill in the blank) instead?

-The Gneech
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