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Yesterday, Last Night, Next Week

First, today's Forgotten English...


Of all the monstrosities of words, this is one of the most impertinent. We must go a long way round for its meaning. We know what an alien is, we can understand the word alienate, and it is an intelligible, though circumlocutory statement that "a person is suffering from alienation of intellect." ... There are people for whom the word insanity is not grand enough, who first coin[ed] the phrase "alienation of intellect," and finding it too long for convenience, drop off the tail of their sentence, and use the word alienation alone to express madness. Men of this sort hesitate to speak of a "mad doctor," a most equivocal way of describing one whose specialty is treatment of the insane, and so they actually use the word alienist to express such a physician.
--Rev. W. L. Blackley's Word Gossip: Words and Their Peculiarities, 1869

Feast Day of St. Moloc, a patron of the insane.


Appropriately enough, I had to take off yesterday afternoon for a mental health day. I was feeling like total crud, head poundey, stressey-stressey, etc. Between Kung Fu, the strip, the job, and wanting to work on gaming stuff, I was seriously starting to fray around the edges.

Speaking of fraying around the edges, I got a haircut last night. It's a little shorter than I would prefer, but I told her to go ahead and make it that short for AnthroCon and the heat that I always have to endure for that.

In order to lighten the load a bit, I've decided to take my usual summer break a little early this year and put SJ on hold for a couple of weeks. (Next week is a NeverNever week anyhow, so there will be new strips going up there at least.) Taking a leaf from cody_frost's book, what I'll do is spend the week doing some random non-strip artwork with the pens and markers to get myself into practice and warmed up for doing art at the con. I'm not sure just what I'll draw yet; I might do character Q&A's, or development sketches, comic book pages, pinups, whatever tickles my fancy. I'm open to suggestions, if there's anything people would particularly like to see.

-The Gneech
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