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I'm Sure There Was a Weekend Around Here Somewhere

I'm not sure where it went; it seemed to be about half of the usual length, and that's without Kung Fu, the Saturday Stealer. I did get a lot of work done on my new Crimson Skies campaign idea, at the expense of not achieving much of anything else. I got the character creation pamphlet pretty much finished, but as that was mostly cutting-and-pasting from the d20 Modern SRD, that's not that big a deal, but I had fun collecting images from various publications and websites, and making screenshots from the computer game to illustrate the booklet. Here are a couple of examples...

The Shattered States of America
On Approach to Jimmy's
A Public Safety Message From the Hollywood Knights
Girl Trouble

The next step, which is going to take a bit more work, is writing up the Aerial Combat rules. Most of these are going to be lifted from Star Wars d20, but I need to recreate the diagrams using Crimson Skies-approprate images. (It would just be too jarring to illustrate an Immelman Turnover with an X-Wing fighter, don't you think?)

Meanwhile, In Art...

I used the markers for the first time in several months last night; it was a bit of a rush job as you can probably tell just by looking at it. I'm not exactly proud of it, but when you start a drawing at 9:00 p.m. for posting the next morning, I guess you deserve what you get.

Unfortunately, the markers are not storing well. Just about all of the grays have dried up; and more than one marker, when I went to use it, squidged ink all over my hand. I'll have to investigate more thoroughly to see which ones are still viable, and which ones need replacing.

I need some inspiration; trying come up with an idea that feels worth putting to paper is like pulling teeth. I hate summer. :P

-The Gneech
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