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More fun with Crimson Skies! After coming home from Kung Fu, I decided to work on a couple of diagrams; I'm having as much fun making the prepatory stuff for the game as I hope to when we actually play it. I haven't been this revved up about a game since Star Hero, which was my last really great campaign (although there have been some nice moments in D&D, make no mistake).

Converting the spaceship combat rules in Star Wars d20 has been very easy, which is no big surprise. Spaceship combat in Star Wars was based on WWII fighter footage, after all. The main wrinkle Crimson Skies has that Star Wars doesn't is THE GROUND -- so I've added some rules about climbing, diving, and keeping track of altitude. (Did you know that hitting the ground at terminal velocity does 24d12 damage to an airplane?)

Anyway, here are a couple of diagrams for your enjoyment. If you've used the Star Wars d20 revised spaceship combat rules, they will probably look quite familiar to you.


Bandit coming in, 10:00 high!

-The Gneech
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