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One Good Thing About Dead Games...

Via eBay, I picked up all (that's all) of the WizKids Crimson Skies clix except for 1 aces pack and some miscellaneous promo pieces for $50, +$10 shipping.

That's 29 planes from 9 packs -- it would cost me $144 if I bought them retail at Game Parlor.

Pretty swank. :)

The original board game is still muy difícil to find, tho!

Hey, smrgol_t_kirin, any chance I could borrow your copy for a few weeks of mad, passionate scanning? ;)

-The Gneech

Edit: Aaaah! One of my other eBay acquisitions, Wings Over Manhattan, has beautiful maps -- with hexes! But the d20 system uses squares for everything! Oh agony, what shall I do? Guess I'll just have to make hex-based movement conversions as well!
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