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AnthroCon Notes

Thanks to susandeer and her henchmen, the AnthroCon schedule is up. Turns out I've got two panels, one on Friday, one on Saturday*. I knew about the dynamic poses panel -- that one was my idea; apparently I'm also on the Webcomics panel, which I didn't know until graveyardgreg told me. (Or if I knew, I forgot!) Still, that's cool. :)

This weekend I need to get the final preps for the dynamic pose panel done, and in particular I need to finish putting the panel handouts together and working up some kind of an outline, even if it's just a rough one. It's a big topic, and easy to get lost in.

Gonna be busy, busy, busy! Thank goodness I have Monday off.

-The Gneech

*And NOT both on Saturday, as I originally posted. *forehead slap*

PS: In other news, WTF???
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