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Once Again, eBay Is My Friend!

My new art book!

The Danger Girl Sketchbook is a compilation of development pics and the like by J. Scott Campbell, that I've been salivating over ever since it came out; the reason I never bought it, however, is because retail it's pretty much only available as part of a boxed set with the Danger Girl Ultimate Collection for ~$50. Since I've already got the DG trade paperbacks, it wasn't exactly a good deal. :P

I'm probably an oddity among Campbell's fans in that "bodacious babes" are my LEAST favorite thing about his art. While he's good at drawing pretty faces, I frankly think his take on female body anatomy is just plain bizarre. In the words of Joel Hodgeson, "Wow, great measurements ... 32 - 5 - 87?" And as Danger Girl went on, this tendency just got worse and worse; the characters went from being "bouncy and busty" at the beginning, to "grotesque exaggerated femmebots" by the end.

What I do like about Campbell's work, on the other hand, is his sense of dynamic energy, and his wonderfully cinematic compositions. Most of his stuff readily viewable on the web is pinups, alas, but you can take a look at this image or this one to get some sense of what I'm referring to. I lifted Tiffany's pose on the cover of La Vida Panthera from one of Campbell's pieces, and having his work to reference from really helped me make big strides with my artwork. The LVP cover in particular was one of the best pieces I had done to that point.

I don't know if The Danger Girl Sketchbook is going to give me any insights that poring over his work over and over again hasn't already, but at $10 + shipping, it's a risk I'm more than willing to take!

If it arrives in time, I may very well incorporate it into my panel at AC. :)

-The Gneech
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