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Our party hit the jackpot tonight -- wow! Cash, cash, jewels, gems, and more cash, but more importantly some swank magic items.

Swankest of all was a magic chain that is effectively a Portable Gate -- set it on the ground, point it at a map of where you want to go, and whoosh!

We don't know the range, number of uses, or if it has a limit of charges -- but we do know that it got us the heck out of Geoff and back to Theran's favorite rotten little town, Westguard.

It's like winning the lottery -- suddenly, vast possibilities are open before us. We can buy new gear, have some time to scribe scrolls, really beef up before popping back to Geoff. And, if all goes well, this wonderful little toy will enable us to get to and from these forays into the wilderness without having to schlep around all the treasure we collect or any people we rescue. Finally, I feel like it's a little more even of a fight!

Let the giant invaders tremble...

-The Gneech, putting serious thought into the possibility of establishing Castle Medervane
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