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AC Too Much To Do Still! List

  • Compile handout images

  • Panel outline

  • Copy handout images

  • Pack Kage's pic

  • Pack the prints/badges

  • Write up price list; pack same

  • Pack AC paperwork

  • Pack Kero beanie

  • Pack tails, cutter, trays, chairs(?)

  • Pack bristol, misc art supplies, ruler, pens, pencil sharpener

  • Pack cashbox and notepad

  • Figure out a marker/pencils solution; pack same

  • Dig out badge stock (or buy badge stock); pack same

  • Pack some clothes!

  • Clié, wi-fi card, charger

  • Cell phone, charger

  • Maps and directions

  • Get out cashbox seed money

  • Hit Pla-Za for gray markers

Did I forget anything? For some reason, this con just isn't coming together the way they usually do.

-The Gneech
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