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Good morning, world! Today I'm off as a con-recovery day, and the first order of business is to head over to Starbucks for a blueberry muffin and a grande skim no-whip white mocha with scripting notebooks in hand to get at least two weeks each banged out for Suburban Jungle and NeverNever. More if possible, but that just depends on how the juices flow.

The con was vitally necessary and way overdue; I don't have quite the same super-high post-con bounce that I did after FC, but I'm definitely doing better than the slow draaaag I was in before the con.

Having sketchbook entries and the like to post to the SJ site this week is a big help, if only so I can spend the week building up a buffer again.

One thing I'm going to start doing, I think, is being more aggressive about using downtime at my job to work on scripts. As it is, when there's just no work to be found, I end up surfing the web or playing solitaire, because that at least has me interacting with my computer and "looking busy." But it just throws my all-too-valuable time down the drain -- I need to reclaim that! It's starting to really grate at me to realize how many hours I've spent staring at Freecell because I didn't want to be seen drawing at my desk.

I need to get a job like hantamouse, where I get paid to "man your duty station."

But I'm not at my job today! So I get to go do some of my real work. :) CYA!

-The Gneech
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