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AC Con Report, Part the First

I took my Clié and keyboard with the intent of writing the Con Report as it went, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. This time, the plan worked on Thursday and then got shot to hell once the actual con started happening. But we'll do what we can with what we've got!

THU 8:11 p.m.
This morning was a rough start ... Just before I was going to hit the shower, the electricity decided to take the morning off. So with much grumbling I headed over to pick up hantamouse -- and get the usual half-vast directions from Mapquest. A quick trip to Pla-Za Art Materials (well, okay, it wasn't quick, they made me sign up for my discount card again) and Starbucks, we were off.

The trip was boring until we actually got to Philadelphia, at which point traffic came to a dead stop. Of the four hours and 45 minutes we spent on the road, 45 minutes were within 15 miles of the hotel. :P

Hotel and con registration were both quick and painless; in short order we hooked up with graveyardgreg, benbear, mammallamadevil, and tchall. I also spotted and schmoozed (briefly) with rhanlav (under the name of Salen), punktiger, pandaguy, smrgol_t_kirin, kamau_d_lyon, cooner, Galen, unclekage, tyrnn, Innerwolf, Yappy Fox, tye_g_wolfee, shooterroo and family ... Gah, I've forgotten too many already. At one point, Rory attempted to buy me a Bailey's at the bar, but it was ... um ... funky. We were further entertained by card tricks by Dex.

We had dinner in the hotel restaurant ... their buffalo chicken tenders officially suck. Now I'm off ... probably to the Pawpet Free For All.

NOTE: While I was sitting in the lobby w/ Hanta, typing this up, neverwench rather surprised me by swooping down to get her picture taken with me. (Blush!) She seems like a very cool person, and her badges are everywhere. She could easily be another artist on par with Terrie Smith, Michele Light, or Jen Seng, with a little more exposure and the willingness to go get it.

Thursday, 10:49 p.m.
Well, we sat in the Pawpet Free For All for 20 minutes, waiting for them to get some A/V problems resolved, and when it got to be 9:20 and they hadn't started, I decided to move on -- so of course, that's when they started. Le sigh. I left Hantamouse there and hooked up with camstone and Smrgol, following them up to their suite, where Smrgol very kindly loaned me his copy of the original Crimson Skies board game. I have GOT to get a copy of this thing! I hung out with them, mooivos, and Kamau for a while, then retired to my room to prep the cashbox for tomorrow and catch some Z's. I think I'm going to jump in the shower before I hit the hay, so I'll be fresh in the morning. G'nite, world!

On to part two...

-The Gneech
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