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AC Con Report, Part the Second

Part the First

Fri, 8:37 a.m.
Last night was ... difficult. I thought it was going to be rough asking the peopl--

9:57 a.m.
Sorry about that, Vince (lj user="codyfrost"> came in, looking very shellshocked from his red-eye flight, so I escorted him up to the room. Now I'm at the table, setting things up and preparing for the onslaught to come at noon. The dealer room is only open until 5:00 today, and I'll be doing my panel from 3:00 - 4:00, so I don't know what kind of business we'll do today. But Saturday and Sunday -- especially Sunday -- I'm hoping to pick up the slack.

Anyway, what I started to say before was that I didn't get very good sleep last night, largely thanks to a phantom thrumming noise that could only be heard if you were lying in bed. Oy! But that's enough about that, Kerry reminds me that I've forgotten the buttons! ACK! *forehead slap*

Sun 8:11 a.m.
Um ... urg. It's early. The latter half of Friday and all of Saturday was such a blur that this is the first time I've had a chance to sit down and collect my thoughts, here in The Zoo. I'm supposed to have breakfast with walksamongstars, but he wasn't answering his phone, so I suspect he's still in dreamland.

EDIT: Well, so much for that -- T'Chall showed up on his way to breakfast and, as Walksamongstars didn't seem likely to show, the micro-fox and I did breakfast instead.

The rest of the con was even more of a blur, so everything from here forward is being written from memory on The Monday After. Let's see...

Basically, on Friday, the dealer room doors opened and a mob came pouring in -- whoof! Kerry jumped into Merchandise Maven mode and went wild, just a-schmoozin' and sellin' like there was no tomorrow. Furries were out in force and in a nice change from last year's cons, people were there to buy! Not that I begrudge people saving their pennies when the economy is bad, I'm pretty darn stingy myself. But seeing as how my artwork is definitely a luxury item, lean times for the fandom translate into dead times for me! I still love the cons, and my table, so as long as they keep at least making expenses, I'm good to go.

Before I knew it, it was a quarter to three and time to skedaddle for my panel. It was up on the 23rd floor, and I was sure that would kill attendance. (The elevators, while in far better shape this year thanks to traffic control procedures, were still an issue and are pretty much doomed to forever be as long as AC stays at the Adams Mark. But I digress...)

My fears were intensified when I got to the room and found only three potential attendees (including mooncat, standing out in the corridor. What was worse was that the door to the would-be panel room was locked for no readily apparent reason. 0.o I headed down to the Supersponsor Lounge to find somebody who could contact Con Ops, and when I returned to the panel room, there were considerably more people there ... and more kept coming! Finally it got to be 3:05, nobody from Con Ops had arrived, and I'd given away just about all of the handouts, so I decided to go ahead and dub the event, "CorridorCon 2004" and started the panel right there in the hallway. About 20 minutes into it, a hotel security guy arrived with a key and we all funnelled into the room, a very nice lounge suite type of arrangement, and the panel continued. It seemed to go well, and everybody had a good time ... I finished with 5 minutes to spare and asked if anybody had anything else they'd like to see, to which somebody said, "Impressions!" So I stood very rigid, flared my eyes and nostrils, and shouted in my best Kage voice, "WHAT ARE ALL YOU PEOPLE DOING AT MY CON???" That went over well. ;)

Back to the dealer room for the last hour of the day, then over to TGI Friday's for dinner with Hanta, Graveyard Greg, and a friend of Greg's who I'm completely flaking on now, it's been too long. I remember he was on the MFF staff ... but his name has fallen completely out of my silly head. At dinner, we were seated next to spikedpunch, who has either mysteriously gotten taller, or my memories of previous cons are strangely skewed. Oy! He was looking good and in good spirits, tho. :) After dinner I went to The Zoo (i.e., the Con Suite) to do some homework (i.e., finish some of the sketches I'd agreed to earlier that day in the dealer room), but I was annoyed to discover that I'd left my colored pencils locked up in the dealer room -- which created a cascade of behind-on-sketchesness that I never recovered from. The good news was that lowen_kind managed to make it to the con after all, much to my surprise. To allay my frustrations regarding the pencils a bit, I went with Ben Bear and T'Chall to the Fursuit Friendly Dance, always my favorite dance of any convention, where Ben and I managed to only kill a few people thrashing around the room, particularly during "Yatta!" (which T'Chall caught some of with the video function of his camera). Once we gave up on that, it was back to the room to draw and chat with Ben and Vince, and catch my breath generally. Lights out at 1:30 a.m., and this time I managed to sleep very well ... if not very long.

On to part three...

-The Gneech
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