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AC Con Report, Part the Third

Part the Second

Saturday morning I was up-and-at-'em at 6:20 (urg) ... Vince's snoring makes a very effective alarm clock! (J/K -- don't hit or yell!) Realizing I'd agreed to have breakfast with Tyrnn at the ungodly hour of 7:00 on Saturday morning, I made like a whirling dervish to the shower and dressed and zoomed on down ... only to get there at 6:40, 20 minutes before Tyrnn was due to show up. *pained gurgle* However, LKCMSL was there, so we chatted blearily until Tyrnn arrived and into breakfast we went. While I don't wish to disparage the company of a fine pair of gentlemen, I do have to admit that I was glad when breakfast was over and I could stagger back up to the room for a couple more hours of sleep before facing the dealer room again...

Honestly, I don't remember much of Saturday morning. I do remember that Kerry, whom the angels praise as Consideration Incarnate, brought me a grande skim no-whip white chocolate mocha (mmm ... Starbucks ... you're the only one who understands me...), and that gave me the fuel I needed to chug away on the sketchbooks I'd agreed to do. I also seem to remember lunch with Vince and ... er ... somebody ... Ben and Cyberbear maybe? At 1:00, I trotted off to the "Webcomics Today" panel, which consisted of Bill Hobrook, Guy Gilchrist, David Hopkins (creator of Jack), ceruleanst, Graveyard Greg, and myself. These panels, while always enjoyable, do tend to go over the same ground every time, even wrapping up with the obligatory homily by Dave Allen. ;) I annoyed Greg by referring to him as "Baldy," which Guy Gilchrist picked up on and ran with ... I can be evil at times, too. ;)

From there it was over to the Charity Auction -- as always, a SJ cameo was up for grabs, and per our tradition, Uncle Kage and I put on a good show to get the bidding up. Between "I'll be your friend!" jokes, "You are bidding on The Gneech -- no, wait, on a cameo in Suburban Jungle!" and me doing silly dances, we got the bid up to $400 this time, woohoo! I also gave Punktiger a $50 to bid on Vince's TCM original that was going up later, and repaired to the dealer room for another hour and a half of drawing. (Punk then added his own $25 to win the piece and gave it to me ... that guy is way too nice to me! I'll have to get my revenge somehow...)

It was somewhere around this point that herbiehamill brought by my new sketchbook, which I had reserved for him to inaugurate. There were several suggested themes in the front, one of which was pirates ... therefore Herbie drew a terrific Pirate Pooch! He said it was a warm-up sketch and therefore only wanted half of the original price he'd quoted to draw it -- to which I was like, "Are you nuts? This is terrific!" I finally gave him the half, and donated the other half to the Pawpet Show. :)

Saturday night I was due to attend a meeting about a super-secret project being spearheaded by Charles deCharleroy (creator of Prince Alondro, for you Leona fans) at 8:00, so I ran over to Friday's again for dinner, intent on getting it eaten and getting back to the hotel.

Have I mentioned that I'm a flake? I then promptly forgot the meeting until I woke up on Sunday morning and went, "D'Oh!!!" *forehead slap* The rest of Saturday night consisted of sketching like a wild man (at least I remembered my pencils this time) and then ... SLEEEEEP.

Mmm, sleeeeeep ... you're the only one who understands me...

On to Part the Fourth...

-The Gneech
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