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AC Con Report, Part the Fourth

Part the Third

Sunday morning ... um ... I'm sure something happened, but for the life of me I can't remember what. I still had sketches to do and I remember the previously-mentioned breakfast with WalksAmongStars that wasn't. (I didn't blame him, tho ... after my zone-out on Saturday night, I figure I have no room to complain.)

Oh yeah! Sunday was check-out day, so I spent most of the morning packing and schlepping stuff out to the car. Then I went to the dealer room and -- you guessed it -- tried to finish off sketches! At that point, my brainpower was running on fumes (and another white mocha from the resident Llama Angel of Mercy), but I had enough presence of mind to rescue Ben Bear's stuff from the room before checkout time and hand it off to him. I also wheedled Vince into drawing in my new sketchbook. (I asked for "Leonard on the beach" and got "Drezzer hassling Conrad" ... so much for Vince's oft-proclaimed desire to be given detailed instructions to follow! It is a terrific piece nonetheless, but then what else would it be?) Then it was time for the Vincester to get back onna plane and head west ... the first real shockwave of the impending End of the Con.

Somewhere around 1:30 or 2:00, my drawing hand said, "No ... no more ... the horror..." so I had to stop doing sketches. Fortunately, I'd finished most of them; I still owe one to trejaan, vik_thor, and LionkingCMSL. I'll do something good for you guys, have no fear. :) At this stage, with a big pile of cash in the cashbox and no pressing need to stay chained to the table other than to provide backup for Kerry, I slipped away to get sketches from Cooner and Derrick Dansenbrock, both of which Rock Muchly. Derrick's is only partially finished tho, because he went totally insane and chose the "All of the Above" theme from the suggestions in the front of the book. He did manage to get the pencils done ... the inks will have to come at MFF...

RANDOM NOTE: Asking for autographs made out to "GrayWolf SpiritRain" or "Bouncy BoingVixen" in a nasally fanboy voice gets me funny looks. ;) Cooner put a razz face in my copy of Buffalo Wings Reunion, Vol I when I did that. (NOTE TO genecatlow: I'm going to read it now! You can stop pummeling me senseless whenever I see you!)

After the dealer room shut its doors for the last time, susandeer very kindly let us lurk in Con Ops for a few minutes to count the till (although in retrospect we should have just sat and done it at the table after the attendees were shooed out) ... we made almost double what we did at AC last year, and about $200 more than we did at Further Confusion last year -- and that was after doodyhead me forgot the new buttons! The mousepads, the "What Do You Want From Me, I'm Evil!" merchandise, and of course the "Proud To Be Furry" items all moved very well, as did Vince's portfolio and Redkam's Carpe Diem shirts. I also signed a ton of books, which hopefully means lots of good sales for Plan Nine as well.

Then, it was dinner for Kerry, Hanta, and I over at Chili's (thank Da Lawd it wasn't TGI Friday's again), a trip to a Real, Honest-to-Goodness Starbucks to get fuel for the drive home (Mmm ... Starbucks ... you're the only one who -- oh, forget it), and back to the Adams Mark, where there was much huggy goodbye-ness. (Poor Hanta got hugged in short order by both Kerry and Ben Bear, which made his Mousey Sensibilities go off the Eekometer.)

The drive home was ... well, I-95 South on Sunday night in fog and/or light rain ... I'll let you fill in the details. ("Aaah! Absolutely nothing is blocking the road ahead! We'd all better come to a sudden stop!") Once da mouse was dropped off at his mousehole, AC was over for another year. Le sigh!


* Ice sculpture in The Zoo at the Furry Mixer -- that was cool!

* Somebody in the hotel lobby complaining that furry art was getting "too straight!"

* More fursuits than last year, or at least it seemed like it, and of higher overall quality.

* Hearing Jim Henson stories from Guy Gilchrist.

* Spiked Punch finally got the original art for his cameo, way back in 2000!

* Being approached to do print projects! ^.^

* A lot of ASB-bashing. 0.o

* J. Willard (soappuppy)'s very silly sequel to the Drezzer/Falstaff pic...

* Kerry wants to go to Conifur, and wanted to make sure I knew that in no uncertain terms ;)

* Furry HeroClix! Nifty. :)


*waves to Commander Kitsune, fastclaw, joeygatorman, invisiblewolf, jbadger, kagur, kinkyturtle, klepsydra, kurst, lance_foxx, nicodemusrat, panthras, pholph, redkam, rigelkitty, rjtremor, Skytech, tevon, tonyringtail, xydexx ... lots of others...


Hey, tygermoonfoxx, where were you hiding yourself the whole time???

Ah well, that's it except for the fallout ... time to start prepping for D*C and MFF!

For another view of some of the events mentioned in this report, see also Vince's con report!

-The Gneech
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