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It's All Good

It was interesting ... it was like Starbucks was giving me a day of everything I didn't like about the job, all rolled into one, as a sort of farewell "Remember why you're leaving!" gesture. :) About the only thing missing was that I only had to be in at 6:00 a.m. instead of 5:00 ... but it was crazy, it was busy, we were vastly understaffed, and I had to stay two hours over my scheduled quittin' time.

Don't worry, Starbucks, I'll remember. You don't have to remind me. :)

Well, to celebrate my leaving Starbucks, Laurie and I went to Matsutake Japanese Steak House right up the street. The "Japanese steak house" is a taste I acquired at last year's Dragon*Con, when Pete Abrams and his retinue, Dave Allen from Plan 9, Laurie, HantaMouse, jamesbarrett and I all went to Benihana on the last day of the con.

Yummmmmmm... *drool*

The problem with Japanese steak houses, the good ones at least, is that they're expensive. It's worth the $25/plate they charge -- but even if it is, I can only afford to spend that kind of money on a meal once in a great while.

Half of the fun of going to such a place is the little floor show the chef puts on for you while he grills your food. The highlight of Thursday night's routine was when the chef took a thick slice of onion, knocked the rings out, inverted and stacked them like a small volcano, filled it with cooking oil, and FOOSH! Mt. St. Onions. :)

Thursday night, I was too bouncy to sleep, so I ended up playing Jedi Outcast until the wee hours of the morning. It's an okay game; the gameplay itself is fine, but the level design leaves some to be desired.

My first day at Circle was pleasant, slow, and unstressful. :) I learned how to run the phones at the front desk, which I'm going to be doing at lunchtime every day (I am the receptionist's backup person so she can go to lunch etc.), I filled out paperwork, I read various manuals, and I put together some binders. I also went out to lunch with Laurie and a woman named Gail, who reminds me quite a bit of HantaMouse's mum.

Today is just a lazy day. I slept late (yay!), and have spent most of the day playing computer games and/or watching cartoons while running laundry in the background. Later tonight, I should be playing D&D with Camstone and Frisk. Tomorrow I might even be able to -- gasp -- start working on SJ again!

Or I might take a nap. ;)

-The Gneech
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