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Cough Fu

Because of AnthroCon, pre-AnthroCon rushingness, and post-AnthroCon con cruddiness, I had been to one (that's ONE) Kung Fu class in the month of July ... and that was last Wednesday. So, sickly lion or no, I decided that I was just plain going to Kung Fu tonight. Fortunately, I managed to get a pretty solid nap between work and class ... unfortunately, that could only help so much.

Class kicked me up and down. I got dizzy; I got lightheaded; I started out wheezing and I ended up holding myself up with the stretch rail between sets.

Oh, and we did brick work. Readers of my past Kung Fu posts will probably remember how I loooooooove brick work. *whimper*

Nevertheless, while coaching another group, Sifu saw me go through the form on my own over in the corner. He came over, gave me some pointers, had me practice a couple of the moves, and said lightheartedly, "Okay, that's the form. You'll test on Monday."


Um, excuse me Sifu, did you just say that I'd test on M - M - Monday? But look at me! I'm a wreck! I can't even get through the warmup without gasping like a catfish! My lowest stance looks like I've barely got my knees bent.



-The G-G-Gneech (((o.o)))
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