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Random Health Generator

Rest, ice, and Advil seems to have paid off as far as my physical condition is concerned ... my back is fine today, and the cold symptoms are greatly reduced.

On the other hand, ever since I got up I feel like somebody slipped me a Mickey Finn (that's chloral hydrate, a.k.a. sleeping pills, for those of you who don't read trashy detective novels from the '30s). Keeping my eyes open takes an act of Congress ... even an emergency breakfast at Starbucks has only made a marginal difference.

Every day an adventure! Put a coin in the slot and see what kind of condition you're in today! Fun and laughs for the whole family!


But in happier news, I finished a couple of badges and user icons yesterday, woohoo! (In case you're wondering, yes, I consider a day spent at the drawing table to be "rest.") I'll post them as soon as I get confirmation from the recipients that they're satisfied with them. :)

-The Gneech
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