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A Peek Inside the Ol' Braincase

Me: (typing away on a NIMH report page) "Work, work, work."

Tiffany: "Y'know what would be cool? A portfolio. People are digging Vince's horoscope set, and a lot of the big-name artists do them."

Me: (attempting to keep coding) "Yeah, that'd be cool."

Tiffany: "I'm thinking 'A Day At the Beach' or 'A Day At the Pool' or some combination like that. Poolside 1 and Poolside 2 always get nice attention, but let's face it, your ability has improved since then. You need to update them!"

Me: "You've been talking to _litho_, haven't you?"

Tiffany: "Hush. Now what I was thinking was you could do a series of different images, some of them just pinups, and some of them action pieces, with me, Dover, Leonard, Drezzer, Conrad, Leona, Comfort, and some of the others maybe, goofing around, having water-gun battles, stuff like that. I mean, Dover being chased by girls with water guns? Leonard getting dunked in a keg of ice water? It's instant humor! And your fans of all persuasions will enjoy it."

Me: "I'll start putting some ideas together. But y'know, we're kinda stacked up with the next book coming up by Dragon*Con and all these badges and stuff..."

Tiffany: "Oh, I know, there's no rush, I just wanted to get the idea moving."

Me: "Okay, that's cool."

Tiffany: "Also, I have some new ideas for buttons. Pull out the Clié and start writing these down."

Me: "Um, Tiff..."

Tiffany: "We need a new Dover, a new Drezzer, another Leonard; we need to start coming up with some new NeverNever stuff, too. That's a lot harder to come up with ... I was thinking of doing something with the child-safe unicorn image."

Me: "Tiffany..."

Tiffany: "You know who I think ought to get a button who's never had one, is Ramses. Just think of the sarcastic comments you could put on a Ramses button!"

Me: "Tiff!"

Tiffany: (annoyed) "What?"

Me: "I am supposed to be working here. I have deadlines."

Tiffany: "Oh yeah, right, like that matters. Anyway, I was talking to mammallamadevil and she suggested limited edition 'Watering Hole' logo polo shirts, which I think is just about the coolest idea ever! And we need to do something for the MFF and FC conbooks, still. Have you thought about those at all?"

Me: "Sigh."

-The Gneech
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