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Congressional Tantrums

Sometimes, when a parent tells a child, "No, you can't have that," the child will scream, "Yes I can! Yes I can! YES I CAN!"

Well, apparently the same behavior is also practiced by members of the House of Representatives, who have just passed a bill that says, in effect, "Federal judges aren't allowed to rule against us on gay marriage." Or, to put it bluntly, "We know it's unconstitutional, but the Judicial branch isn't allowed to declare it so 'cause we don't want it to be."

Hello, separation of powers, anyone?

The good news is, this particular piece of stupidity is likely to die in the Senate; the bad news is, the same idiots probably have another umpteen bills in the same vein all locked and loaded.

Here's a newsflash guys: if you have to trick the society into enacting your laws, THE SOCIETY DOESN'T WANT THEM.

-The Gneech
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