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My Body Hates Me :P

I missed Kung Fu on Wednesday, so I figured I'd just go today instead, no big deal.

Or so I thought, until I woke up at 10:45 -- and class starts at 11:30! 0.o

I threw a bowl of cereal down my throat, tossed on my uniform, and bolted to class, just making it in time for meditation ... and it went downhill from there. -.-

I don't know if it was the 250% humidity, the lack of a decent breakfast, the lingering effects of my cold, or all of the above, but I could not keep up; several times I had to just plain stop, head to the corner, and sit, gasping for air and keeping myself conscious by sheer willpower.

It's bad enough that under normal conditions I go from "at rest" to "winded" without stopping at "warmed up" in between; today I went from "at rest" to "D.O.A." after just doing the start-up stretches.

I gave Sihing a lot of apologetic stammering; he was very cool about the whole thing, tho.

During the few moments I was able to function, I reviewed the entire white belt curriculum; my form and moves I've got pretty solid. My problem is conditioning, conditioning, conditioning ... but the harder I work on this, it seems the more resolutely my body fights against it.

Well dammit body, I don't care if you do want to be an immobile pile of blubber, I'm getting into shape and you can't stop me! You can either learn to enjoy it, or we can just keep torturing each other for the rest of our life. Your choice.

-The Gneech

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