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Doin' Stuff Halfway

Y'know, I don't have turnarounds, construction guides, or expression sheets for any of the SJ cast. I've only been doing the strip for five friggin' years, you'd think that sooner or later I'd start doing things right. I draw all of my panels more-or-less on the fly, taking details from memory or from looking previous strips. Thus, sometimes Ramses has a white chest, sometimes he's gray all over ... sometimes Natasha has two stripes on her face, sometimes three. Stuff like that.

The reason I don't have them, of course, is that they take time, and I'm always just one step ahead of the next strip to run anyway. Keeping a running Too Much To Do List in the Clié has helped me with this problem to some extent, tho, so maybe I need to start putting some of these "basic pieces" that I should have done long ago into the list as to-do items.

These are things that make polish; these are things that make professionalism. If I want to be able to look at my work after the fact and be at least reasonably satisfied with how it came out, I've got to do the dogwork as well as the fun part.

This drawin' stuff is hard! 0.o

-The Gneech

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