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Some Random Goodness

Fit the First:

Happy birthday, xydexx!

Fit the Second:

Since it's early, here's a treatise on breakfast sent to me by bauske: Cereal and Milk (strangely enough, all I keep thinking is "Why doesn't he have a shirt on?")

Fit the Third:

Here's a piece of wisdom from diletantte:

Trapdoor Spider-Man
Trapdoor Spider-Man
Does whatever a
Trapdoor Spider can!
  Digs a hole
  Waits in it
Look out! Over there's the
Trapdoor Spider-Maaaan

-The Gneech

PS: I'll write about last night's test later. Suffice to say, I've been through far worse things than not passing my first attempt at the white belt test, so it's a bit disappointing but hardly Earth-shattering. :)
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