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In Praise of nekomimikun

Somebody on the webcomics scene who is completely underrated IMO, is nekomimikun. He has a comic called Go For It! which is currently undergoing an identity crisis of sorts, but IMO, his talents are wasted on it.

You see, Nekomimikun's skills are in his evocative pencil sketches and his dry wit. Instead of trying to please the mercurial masses of the internet, he should be aiming higher. I keep comparing him to Charles Addams or Edward Gorey, without the macabre twist, but with that same grainy appeal. And like Addams or Gorey, he should be running in places like The New Yorker, where they'll get the joke. Neko is constantly frustrated by the lack of response his work gets, but my honest opinion is that's because he's playing to the wrong audience.

You don't do scenes from Oscar Wilde to the crowd at a football game!

He also keeps trying to be anything other than himself, which I can only attribute to standard artistic neurosis. Every time he draws something, he talks about how "off" this is or how "crappy" that is, presumably because it doesn't look like the quasi-realism of comic art, manga, and the like. Frankly, I see that as a feature, not a bug! What MAKES an artist, is the way they put their own spin on the world; I much prefer Neko's "wrong" art to a lot of the generic, technically-proficient-but-cookie-cutter stuff that's out there.

So to repeat an oft-used gag, Go For It, Nekomimikun! Stop trying to fit into a mold that doesn't suit you; you have the potential to be great, in a way that most of us webcomic types are not likely to achieve. But you've got to break out of the mental boxes you keep putting yourself in. Aim higher! And stop bad-mouthing your own work, or I'll smack you with a trout.

-The Gneech
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