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I Wanna Dance :)

I'm still riding high about leaving Starbucks. Ever since Thursday, I've been in two modes: the first is happy, bouncy, and hyper, and the second is happy, bouncy, and sleepy. :) And when I'm happy, I wanna dance.

Dancing and I have a strange relationship. I love doing it, but let's face it: I am a danger to myself and others when I do. Also, I have tremendous difficulty finding people willing to do it with me. Half of the fun of going to furry cons, for me, is knowing that there'll be somebody there to dance with.

When all else fails, I just turn on the MP3 player and dance around the apartment like a big ol' loon, but it's not as much fun to do it by myself.

Instead of dancing, tho, what I should really do is go to bed. I want to get up slightly early (but nothing like oh-dark-thirty) so I can go down to the weight room for a bit before going in to work tomorrow. It's been several weeks since my last workout and I can feel myself flabbing up. Yuck!

Wanting to dance, combined with a silly interchange with my buddy katsunewolf, inspired tomorrow's SJ sketch. I've noticed that dancing is a theme that comes up from time to time in SJ, usually in regards to Tiffany, but occasionally with other characters as well. I think there's a certain kind of purity in it ... it's not something I do for any other purpose than just that I like it.

Tiffany, sensualist that she is, dances because she likes it, and also because she wants to show off. I, if I had anything to show off, would be the same way, I imagine. But even assuming I start losing weight again now that I can get back on my workout routine, it will be a bit longer before I reach the stage where I feel attractive. I am much better off than I was back in the days of 313 lbs, tho ... so maybe I do show off ... just a little. :)

I imagine that was probably more than any of you wanted to know about me. But I don't care! You've got to give it up when you dance, so I'm giving it up now in my LJ instead. :)

Did that make sense? Heck if I know. :) G'night!

-The Gneech
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