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Y'know, when katayamma sent me the colored version of Monday's Suburban Jungle strip earlier today, it sorta brought home to me how far my cartooning has come.

Not wanting to give away any spoilers, Monday's strip is a vague echo of the first SJ strip I ever drew, and while it's not fall-down funny, it is a pleasant and happy little gag of the kind that I always wish there was more of in my work.

In the years since I did that strip, I've turned into something of a small institution, "Gneech, Incorporated," almost ... with Story Consultant laurie_robey, Book Guy Dave, Color Guy Hikaru, mammallamadevil and Grammallamadevil building the merchandising empire, and now higginsdragon carrying the artistic load on NeverNever. Except for the fact that there's very little actual money involved, I've practically got a staff! 0.o

And these days, for the most part, the artwork is finally worthy of the subject. When I started SJ, I was keenly aware of the fact that I was no Eric Schwartz. To be honest, I felt pretty awkward doing a comic about a supermodel, because I couldn't draw her well enough to be convincing. These days, I still have my clunkers, but I am at least capable of doing what is actually very nice work, such as the Fun In the Sun print.

And this is just the first five years! I wonder where I'll be in another five years...?

-The Gneech
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