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A Handful of AnthroCon Pics...

These are c/o calikat...

mammallamadevil and I at the dealer table, from our neighbor's POV. If you look carefully, you can see David Allen of Plan 9 Publishing coming out from behind Kerry's head. ;) (Also notice I've got sketchbook in one hand and pencil in the other ... the toil of the furry artist!)

Who are those people?

There were a lot of nice suits this time, but I thought this one was actually the coolest, if only for its originality...


The rest of Calikat's pics are here... see if you can find spikedpunch and herbiehamill!

The rest of these are c/o Mammallamadevil ... pardon the yellow, the dealer room lighting was very wonky...

Kerry likes my hat apparently...
A llama in a fedora? What next?

vik_thor and I showing off the one-of-a-kind prototype Tiffany shirt that he won at the charity auction.
The most outgoing shy cat'taur I've ever met.

And a good time was had by all!

-The Gneech
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