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Whistling In the Dark

I'm posting this for kelloggs2066, since he asked about it yesterday, but I figure that since I'm meeting new people all the time, some other folks might be interested.

Whistling In the Dark was my first attempt at a comic to show the public ... it ran in the VCU college paper ("The Commonwealth Times") for a couple of years (1989-1990, IIRC), and was basically a "Bloom County" ripoff, although it did have some cool bits. The original comics were ... um ... let's just say they weren't exactly diamonds in the rough, artwise. But I was quite proud of the writing, and it did get me some notariety around campus.

Back in the late '90s, while I was working on the original ideas for NeverNever, I pulled out WitD and redid some of the best strips to send off to the syndicates; the results of that experiment are still online, but hidden here, in my first attempt at doing a comics site. Dedicated observers may notice gags or elements that got re-used in NN and SJ later.

Just for the record: I picked the title "Whistling In the Dark" because I liked it thematically ... it wasn't until the strip was already running in The Commonwealth Times that somebody pointed out to me the They Might Be Giants song by the same name. And also, I came up with Sam the tentacled alien in 1986, way before I'd ever even heard of that little blue guy. ;)


-The Gneech
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