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Web Cartoonists Move the World!

Well, a big honkin' globe, anyway...

"Hey, that's not where magnetic north is!"

"Here, you take Africa, I'll take the Pacific Ocean..."

"Who needs a lever!"

"Heave! Heave!"
"I think I'm going to!"

"Well ... it's still not where magnetic north is. But at least it's spinning really fast!"

The Science Museum of Richmond is a very cool if sadly underfunded place. Where else can you find a free-floating giant black marble globe of the Earth? Way off in the distance, at scale distance and size, there's a similar floating globe of the moon.

-The Gneech

Edit: In case anybody missed this post, the chap in the green shirt is kelloggs2066, creator of 21st Century Fox. I don't know who that weirdo in the hat is.

Another Edit: Thanks to laurie_robey for the pics!
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