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Back In the Saddle

For various reasons, not the least of which included wanting a rest and to get some art done, I hadn't been back to Kung Fu after the belt test until tonight. It was never a case of giving up -- I knew that I would be going back -- but there was a certain amount of mental and physical regrouping going on.

There were also good physiological reasons for taking a break: my back was threatening another attack, and was basically getting worse every night. Without having the professional opinion of a doctor handy, I'm as sure as I can be that our old bed was genuinely starting to cause me physical harm. It was ten years old and sagging worse than a horse put out to pasture, and waking up was an exercise in lumbar pain every day.

The reason we still had it, of course, was money. So with some of the life insurance money laurie_robey received from her father's estate, we bought a new bed; specifically a "Select Comfort" adjustable.

We've only had it since last Friday, but the difference in my back is dramatic and very promising. I still have some left over stiffness, but every day it's slightly less. More importantly, I don't wake up in agony any more, and that by itself is worth the price.

Anyway, so after two and a half weeks away, and having opted for Bowflex instead of Kung Fu on Monday night, I was back in class tonight. The break did me some good ... having a little rest and giving my mind time to process things gave me new focus and something of a fresh start. I also reviewed Sifu's notes on why I didn't pass the test, so I can work on improving those items now.

So I pick up, dust off, and keep on going. :) I'm still aiming for a belt by the end of summer. :)

-The Gneech
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