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Monday Morning Mutterings

Olympics: *atheletes doing all kinds of stuff in tight or absent outfits that emphasize their Michaelangelean musculature*

the_gneech: "Hold still, dammit, I'm trying to DRAW here!"'s a good argument for Tivo. 0.o


Speaking of musculature, are those actually ... deltoids shyly peeking up over my shoulderblades? 0.o Thank you, Bowflex! ;) And pushups. Great googily-moogily the pushups. *cry* Still, progress is progress, and I'll take what I can get!


While I'm on the subject of narcissism, let's talk about diet. For the past week or so, I've been on a pretty drastically reduced diet. I've been sorta working my way towards it for some time, eating "half-portions" at restaurants, cutting out things like candy bars and non-vital trips to Starbucks when I can ... but what really did it was the trip to Richmond to visit with kelloggs2066.

The week before then I had sorta fallen off the fitness wagon, so to speak, including a particularly disastrous trip to Red Lobster (mmmmm craaaab leeeegs), and while in Richmond I got so overheated shoving the world around that I succumbed to a big ol' chocolate shake (and the in-car snacks consisted of Three Musketeers bars). Any one of these things by themselves would have been merely a bumpy spot in the road, so to speak, but all of them in rapid succession sent me into a backlash.

So I have started to do the calorie-counting thing. While I knew before that it was probably the case, I was shocked to discover just how thoroughly out of whack the standard "2000-calorie per day diet" that various authoritative types recommend really is. Just looking at a piece of unbuttered toast is 350 calories, how the hell are you supposed to stay under 2000 in a day without starting to see giant hot dogs where your co-workers used to be? 0.o

I've discovered some disturbing statistics...

Grande skim no-whip white mocha and blueberry muffin: 720 cal
Cup of hot chocolate: 97 cal
Puny little granola bar: 120 cal
Little container of Yoplait fat-free yogurt: 100 cal
Cherry Pop-Tarts (2): 408 cal
Mocha Bottled Frappuccino: 190 cal
Handful of peanut M&Ms: 100-150 cal

Remember, the standard is supposed to be 2000 ... that's assuming a healthy adult who gets a moderate amount of exercise and doesn't need to lose weight. The average restaurant entree is something like 800 - 1200 cal by itself, not counting what may be in the drink (and if you drink soda, that will be huge too). That's half your day's food in one sitting!

If you're trying to lose weight, the recommended amount is 1400 according to laurie_robey's nutritionist. That's not bloody much.

I've experimented around with various different breakfasts, and found the pop-tarts + frappuccino to be the one that works best in terms of not getting hungry again 20 minutes later ... so that gives me 598 right off the bat in the morning, requiring a granola bar at 10:00 to get me through to lunch (618). Or, if I'm in a hurry, I can do the mocha + muffin and skip the granola bar (720).

At lunch, I generally average somewhere around 700 (best guess) ... unfortunately that puts me in the 1400 range and still leaves me headachey from hunger and ready to go through anybody or anything necessary to get to my dinner. Somewhere along the way in the afternoon I tend to have either some kind of drink or snack that's probably in the 150-200 range, although if I'm really hungry it'll be in the 350-400 range.

Then comes dinner; I usually have half to two-thirds of a restaurant entree-sized meal (about half of which is usually some kind of salad or greenery). I tend to drink tea or flavored water most of the time, but sometimes will have milk (particularly with a spicy meal). So my best guess there is another 700-800, with either yogurt or hot chocolate later in the evening.

So, get this, my much-reduced, constantly-hungry diet is 2265 - 2720. How depressing is that? Either they're screwed up, or I am.

In my defense, I do have three major exercise routines a week (either Kung Fu or Bowflex), and I do 30 pushups and 60 crunches about five days out of every seven. Laurie and I also have a long walk around a nearby lake about three times a month on top of that. Also, I am a large, fairly muscular guy (you can't see most of the muscles, but they're there) and I tend to tap my feet and bop around in my chair at work, keeping pretty constantly in motion. Therefore I'm sure I burn more than 2000 calories in a normal day. In fact, given the fact that I am losing weight (or at least trimming up), one would assume that I have to be burning more calories than I'm taking in.

The hard part, I'm hoping, is training my body not to "expect" so much food. I get hungry at 10:00 just as much because I'm "used to" being hungry at 10:00 as because my stomach has run out of breakfast. I have found that if I can tough it out and wait for the hunger to pass, I'll usually be okay until it's time for an actual meal to roll around. The only caveat is that I have to actually get that meal, or I will get headaches, premature tiredness, and very probably a mood crash.

-The Gneech
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