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More Silly Fun With Gneech and Litho!

_litho_: No comments on art before bed.
_litho_: *pout*
_litho_: except yours.
_litho_: but you don't count y'know
_litho_: :-)
_litho_: he he

the_gneech: Well gee, thanks!

_litho_: I thought you'd find that complimentary.

the_gneech: That I don't count? 0.o

_litho_: yes

the_gneech: How is that complimentary?

_litho_: I knew you'd understand that it was a veiled term of honour.
_litho_: or something.
_litho_: It's like...
_litho_: Um.
_litho_: You know how like...
_litho_: when you list the people who love you, family doesn't count because they're kinda obliged to?
_litho_: "My mother loves me?" "Well yes... of course... ALL mothers love their children. who ELSE loves you?"

the_gneech: Harumph! *pouts*

_litho_: you're like..
_litho_: onea dem
_litho_: peeps who's close enough to NOT COUNT :-)
_litho_: consider it a great honour.

the_gneech: *chuckles*
Well thanks then. ;-)

_litho_: you're welcome :-)
_litho_: Ok
_litho_: I bed now

the_gneech: G'nite then. :-)

_litho_: Coz it's another 10 hour day tomorrow :P

the_gneech: Eeeeew.

_litho_: I say GRAH!
_litho_: and URG
_litho_: and also FLARFL!

the_gneech: Not to mention Crikey!

_litho_: I don't ever say crikey...

the_gneech: (Y'know, 'cause of the crocs.)

_litho_: I do say "My Word!" on occasion though

the_gneech: How about "great googily-moogily?"
the_gneech: I suppose that's probably a U.S. thing. ;-)

_litho_: not on impulse, but I do like the saying. :-)
_litho_: I'd use it if I could train myself a bit better.
_litho_: see here in Australia, Fuck is the general word for everything.
_litho_: but because I only swear when depressed, angry or hurting myself...
_litho_: I've come up with correct english tranlations for the word

the_gneech: That's true of various parts of here, too, but Aussies sound cooler when they say it.

_litho_: One of them is "Fark!" = "Oh My!" or "Farkin' 'ell" "How about that?"
_litho_: the true occa accent has a tendancy to pronounce the word like that
_litho_: Fark.

the_gneech: I'm prone to "Holy crap!" myself.

_litho_: or Faahk
_litho_: Yes, I say holy crap.
_litho_: and occasionally OMGWOWZORZ!!!11!!!one one

the_gneech: ROFL LOL
the_gneech: :DDDD

_litho_: :-)
_litho_: and if it's really good

the_gneech: OMGROTFLMFAO

_litho_: OMFGW0WZ0rZ1!!!!!!!!!!!!111!one one !!
_litho_: aaah
_litho_: using AOL for what it's for.
_litho_: being 10 year old boys.

the_gneech: OMG WTF

_litho_: STFU!
_litho_: ASL?

the_gneech: RTFM!

_litho_: LOL

the_gneech: Oh wait, that's a tech support thing.

_litho_: yeah...

_litho_: I didn't recognise it :P

the_gneech: "Read the f****** manual!"

_litho_: you're keeping me awake mista!

the_gneech: You started it!

_litho_: /me soundly stares at you.
_litho_: is a good staring it is.

the_gneech: I can't hear you soundly staring at me.

_litho_: it's like a sound thrashing.
_litho_: only without the physical violence.

the_gneech: Good, 'cause I'm a delicate flower.

_litho_: indeed
_litho_: clearly

the_gneech: And I know Kung Fu. ;P

_litho_: I thought it was Karate?

the_gneech: Nope. :-) Kung Fu.

_litho_: Ok.

the_gneech: And Judo! But it's been a while.

_litho_: Coulda sworn you had posts about Karate... musta been confusing myself with my goldfish memory :-)

the_gneech: Your goldfish knows Karate?

_litho_: mind said "well known, popular martial art, often done for fitness" Goldfish memory said "Um... I can't remember what it was... make something up!" Mind had to improvise "Karate?"

the_gneech: Oooooh.
the_gneech: Go to bed. ;P

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