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A&E Helps Develop Your Bantering Skills


I've been kidnapped, for reasons not entirely clear, by a nebbishy little guy who runs a store that specializes in exotic beverages from all over the world. Nebbishy little guy is certainly no threat to me physically, but he does have a revolver that he isn't exactly comfortable with and his twitchy nature is a concern. He's obviously not used to being a criminal mastermind, and says to me, "Look, I'm sorry about this, but circumstances have forced me; I'm desperate."

"I don't mind being kidnapped," I reply, "but I resent being kidnapped by a man who imports water."

At this juncture I wake up and realize, "D'Oh. I was channelling Archie Goodwin!"

Hey, there are worse guys to channel, I suppose.

-The Gneech <-- is in a pickle, see?
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