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Still recuperating from DragonCon ... this one was particularly tiring for some reason. I think it was largely due to the lack of air conditioning, actually ... everywhere at the convention was either "unpleasantly warm" or "gawdawful hot," with the sole exception of our hotel room -- which was of course the place I spent the least amount of time.

Cons are always too warm, but this one was just withering. -.- I was in t-shirt and shorts most of the time, too ... I can't even imagine what it would have been like in my prior usual outfit of black jeans, dark shirt, and vest. I don't see how most of the costumers do it.

Today I need to get myself organized and get back into the groove re: my comics. I have as of late been wanting to write a new Michael Macbeth short story, too, which is very cool but the problem is that I have absolutely no hint of a plot. Le sigh.

How can I feel compelled to write, without actually having any clue what to write about? It's weird, I tell you.

-The Gneech
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