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Set Verbosity to "Terse," Mr. Sulu

I've received a few comments from various concerned parties about my lack of chattiness lately ... which is surprisingly touching. :)

I'm fine, but thank you for checking. :) I wuv you guys. ^.^

Basically, I've been concentrating on various projects and ideas, which has taken all of my attention away from my usual happy babble. Michael Macbeth in particular has been demanding a lot of mental bandwidth ... apparently my muse is nearly ready to produce my fourth (and hopefully first publishable) novel, and that takes a lot of creative energy.

Oh, and I'm a bit more exposed at work since we moved, which means more people potentially looking over at my shoulder ... that's not as big a consideration, but it is still a factor.

Anyway, so that's the state of things. :)

-The Gneech

PS: MFF room confirmed. :)
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