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Sourpuss and Grumpyface

First off, happy birthday, </a></b></a>lowen_kind!

Anyway, on to my post.

I've been unaccountably tired and grumpy the past few days; simple tasks were taking me forever to do, and complex tasks just abandoned entirely. A lot of it has been frustration and fatigue with my constantly-packed schedule. "Hey, I want to watch Sky Captain -- but I have to go to Kung Fu. Hey, I want to play a computer game -- but I have to draw strips. Hey, I want to exhale -- but I have to go to Kung Fu and then draw strips." I need a nice long stretch of not doing anything, but I see no real chance of getting one any time soon, and it's getting me down.

My mood has picked up a little today over the low of last night and early this morning; I'd go out and have a little fun tonight to pick myself up a bit -- but I have to go to Kung Fu.

-The Gneech
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