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"Well this is an unexpected missive," I said, reading from the screen. "Dear Gerg: Get smooth, touchable skin in just six days!"

Brigid laughed. "Ha! Even if your skin was smooth, where would you find someone who wanted to touch it?"

Doing my best to hide the mortal stab at my heart, I replied, "I was rather referring to the fact that they spelled my name 'Gerg.'"

"Oh," said Brigid. "Oops."

Another day, another kick to the head. I decided that my best bet from here was the coffeehouse around the corner.

-The Gneech

NOTE: This is the first of the Brigid & Greg Fictionlets. However, there is an earlier entry here that was basically a B&G entry before B&G existed. You can also a complete listing of the B&G fictionlets and related posts here.

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