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Gaming, and Various Other Stuff

Well, the game went pretty much as I expected last night -- which is to say the characters made a straight line for the one part of the module I hadn't modified to fit their power level, so all the work I put into getting the rest of the module up to speed was completely wasted and I had to made some quick changes on the fly.

Fortunately, it was easy -- I just replaced NPC "A" with RELATIVELY SIMILAR NPC "B" who was already to go, replaced the stats of THUGS "C" AND "D" with the stats of somebody a tad tougher, and made a few quick mental calculations.

The game was a success, for the most part, except the poor Monk/Cleric NPC -- the one who spent a year replaced by a rakshasha, if you remember that story -- took two chops from the battleaxes of 3rd level orc barbarians in rapid succession and shuffled off his mortal coil shortly after. The party got him to the temple of Hieroneous in time to resurrect him, but at the cost of him pretty much losing all the experience points he got for the session, leaving him at 5th level (he was due to hit 6th at the end of the session).

Now the characters have found out where the drow and mind flayer assaults that have been bedeviling the Duchy of Thessalaine are coming from, and get to head off to the mountains to put an end to it. Even with the upgrading of enemies I did to make this module match the party, the heroes are going through the invaders like a hot knife through warm butter -- but that may very well change next time...

Since this is a good "chapter break" in the adventure, we're going to pause my game so I can work on getting the rest ready; next time we play, it will be jamesbarrett's game. I need to update Theran's character sheet, as well as his spellbook and the stats for Kitty. We're still under the lizardmen temple in the swamp, trying to find this mysterious evil entity that has corrupted their tribe and free them from it. I suspect, but don't know for sure, that we will also find one of the seven Rods of Domination there, or at least a big piece of that puzzle.

Unfortunately, the Baronet we were hired by in the first place way back in the Stark Mounds has realized that Theran is on to him and is thwarting his plans to gain the Rods (the guy is evil, y'know ... can't let him have powerful magic artifacts) -- so he's sending bounty hunters after us. Bastard!

In non-gaming news...

SJ for Monday and Wednesday are up and ready to go. I've been receiving good input on my requests for site redesign suggestion, and given that it's a weekend, the message boards are surprisingly lively. I am so much happier when SJ is running and people are interested ... it just makes my life a lot more fun.

Taking the job hunt off of my "crud to think about" list has actually lightened the load considerably -- yay! But I've got to make sure that I don't just add a whole bunch of new stuff back on so the load is heavy again. I find it very easy to get excited about a new project, or even resurrecting an old project -- so much so that I am constantly taking up things that will become chores very quickly, because they are fun and interesting at the beginning. This is a habit I need to break myself of.

I've also been putting some thought into what to do about NeverNever for the past week. Haven't had any ideas I liked yet, but it's still cooking. I can only do so much multitasking before I start to forget things, like finishing what I

Well, that's all for now. I hope you've enjoyed reading my geekery. Catcha later!

-The Gneech
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