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Today's Forgotten English

Soaring too high; rash or adventurous in flight. From Icarus, a mythological hero, the son of Dædalus, who when flying on wings from the anger of Minos, mounted too high so taht the heat of the sun melted the wax which cemented his wings, causing him to fall and perish in that part of the Ægean Sea, which was called after him.
--Edward Lloyd's Encyclopædic Dictionary, 1895

First Recorded Aviation Fatality Since Icarus
On the evening of Friday, the first of October, 1736, during the performance of an entertainment called Dr. Faustus at Covent Garden Theater, one James Todd, who represented the miller's man, fell from the upper stage in a flying machine by the breaking of the wires. He fractured his skull, and died miserably; three others were much hurt but recovered. Some of the audience swooned, and the whole were in great confusion upon this sad accident.
--William Hone's Every-day Book, or Everlasting Calendar, 1827

-The Gneech
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