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Added a tip jar to the SJ site; it will go up tomorrow. I don't know what, if any, response it will get. Still feel a little funny about it, but maybe it will help defray con costs, in which case it will be worth it.

Laurie, HantaMouse, and I got all the Dragon*Con arrangements taken care of on Friday night (although Laurie and Hanta need to tweak hotel stays). The AnthroCon plans for Hanta and I are all worked out except I have to arrange for a rental car. I'll try to do that this week.

Got approved on the company insurance on Friday, so starting tomorrow I'll probably be driving the van around, learning the "backup courier" aspect of the job. So I'll have less free time at work than I did this past week, but that's okay -- I had a lot.

My medical paperwork went in on Friday too, so tomorrow I'll be trying to find a doctor and make an appointment to get this silly foot looked at.

This coming week needs to be "Plan 9 Maintenance Week." I need to get files to Dave so the first two books can get back into print, and I need to bug him about getting my royalties.

Second priority, artwise, is finishing commissions, and getting ahead on strips if I can. I have a good start ... if I can draw two strips tomorrow, I'll be a week ahead already. So my goal is to get and stay at least one week ahead, get my current commissions done, and then try to get another week to two weeks ahead.

Some time during all of this, I need to do some communicating with kelloggs2066 about the project he's been working on. I think it's going to be way cool. :) And I need to do it within the next few days so he doesn't get time-crunched. So I'll put that on my agenda for tomorrow, and if necessary strips can slip until Tuesday.

In the words of spikedpunch, no rest for the furry! But it's bedtime now, so off I go.

G'nite and a great tomorrow, all of my LJ friends, and even all of you folks I don't know who are snooping on me. :) Hope you're enjoying the show!

See you tomorrow...

-The Gneech
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