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The Many Adventures of Higgins

No, not higginsdragon, although I suspect he's had many adventures as well. Anyway...

In part of my pondering about Michael Macbeth, and fiction in general, the sort of pondering that lead me to start writing the Brigid and Greg dialogues, I thought about the idea of a hero named Higgins, whose name would tie the stories together as a title device, e.g., Higgins Takes the Case. The moment that phrase popped into my head, I suddenly had a ton of cool titles...

Higgins Takes the Case
Higgins Keeps His Cool
Higgins Goes For Broke
Higgins Under Glass
Higgins Cuts a Deal
Higgins Makes It Clear
Higgins on Holiday
Higgins Wraps It Up
Higgins Knows No Bounds
Higgins Leaves It to the Experts
Higgins Steals a Kiss
Higgins Gives It Up
Higgins Breaks the Rules
Higgins Saves the Day
Higgins Cuts a Rug
Higgins Waits Too Long
Higgins Tells the Truth
Higgins Loses Control
Higgins Takes a Chance
Higgins Meets His Match
Higgins Gives Them the Slip
Higgins Keeps It Clean
Higgins Bungles It
Higgins Makes the Leap
Higgins Pushes Back
Higgins Runs For It


It's a neat and fun little exercise, but leading to what? A series of short stories, maybe? The titles suggest light, "caper" sort of stories, in which sometimes Higgins is in ascent, while other times he takes a beating. Wasn't there a mystery series with an art thief as the hero?

Of course, for half of those titles, you could swap out "Higgins" with "Jeeves" and make a workable Wodehouse title ... which suggests something, but I'm not sure what.

Any thoughts?

-The Gneech

PS: I realize that this sort of thing sets me up for spoof titles like "Higgins Breaks Wind" or "Higgins Falls Down Dead." This is one reason why it would only work for a light series.

PPS: Lovejoy! That's what I was thinking of.
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