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Gamer Says D'Oh

Why is it that the character idea I fall in love with is always something that breaks the friggin' game system? Sigh. I wanted for years to play a warrior-mage, and when I finally got to, I discovered that multiclassing wizards in D&D really gives 'em the shaft. (Fortunately, the 3.5 Eldritch Knight prestige class fixes this a little.)

Anyway, I engaged yesterday in what has become a rare indulgence for me, which was to play a computer game pretty much for hours on end. In this particular case it was Neverwinter Nights, because I have for some time now been wanting to play a new fantasy character and I don't want to keep waiting for a new campaign to show up. (jamesbarrett is only human, after all, and as he and I are pretty much the GMs for our group, we only get to play in one game each.)

Anyway, this character idea is not that original ... he's your basic elven archer headed for the Arcane Archer prestige class; but the build I wanted to use for him starts by multiclassing between rogue and fighter until 7th, then taking his required level of wizard at 8th, and starting Arcane Archer at 9th.

In the paper-and-pencil game, this is no problem, and is a far superior method of building an archer than going the straight fighter route (and rather better than using ranger either -- ranger archery feats come way too slow to be useful). Also, the personality I figured out for this character is predicated on the idea that he's insatiably curious, loves puzzles, and prone to tweaking the noses of people who annoy him ... usually by messing with their stuff. Thus, pickpocket, open lock, and disable device are right up his alley.

Unfortunately, in NWN, you can only take THREE classes. Thus, a fighter/rogue cannot possibly become an Arcane Archer. The only combination that could do that, while having some of the skills that I want, would be ranger/wizard. I wish I'd realized that before I'd played the character for five hours already. -.-

Eh, but it's okay. The Arcane Archer bit isn't really as central to the character as the tinkering archer bit; I can happily play a rogue/fighter archer indefinitely and do without magic-arrows-on-the-fly (the Arcane Archer gimmick). It just irritates me that a) I always want to do something unconventional, and b) unconventional ideas always cause headaches.

-The Gneech

EDIT: PS - Just because the idea has been bouncing around in my head this morning, I started building various-level versions of the character in E-Tools, but I had to stop because -- and you almost never hear me say this -- I was rolling too high. 0.o Two 17s, a 15, and nothing lower than 11? No GM would ever believed I came up with those stats randomly! Try again. *click* Okay, an 18, three 15s, and two 12s. WTF?
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