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How To Make a Computer Game Annoy Gneech

  1. Put in respawning enemies in general, and levels full of them in particular. Require that Gneech's character have to go back and forth through these stupid levels full of respawning enemies multiple times, effectively forcing him to keep fighting the same stupid fights over and over and over. For bonus annoyance points, make those fights irritatingly tough, rather than little skirmishes.

  2. Build scenarios that effectively make some character builds useless, particularly character builds that Gneech is fond of. For instance, when Gneech wants to play (say) an elven archer, put in lots and lots of fights with undead (negating sneak attack) or creatures with damage resistance (requiring melee and power attack).

  3. Combine #1 and #2, e.g., levels full of respawning undead. If a fight was tough for an elvish archer the first time, surely we can annoy Gneech that much more by having the same irritatingly tough fight happen again and again.

  4. Make it so that when Gneech has finally reached the point where the game isn't fun any more but is just work, adjusting the difficulty to "easy" doesn't make a difference. For instance, if Gneech is being hit with half a dozen insta-kill spells every round, have it so that "easy" doesn't change the saving throws at all.

  5. Hit Gneech with half a dozen insta-kill spells every round. Have those spells take effect no matter how much spell resistance Gneech stacks onto his character.

  6. Have creatures that automatically detect Gneech's stealth character at any range, no matter what his character's stealth skills are. That cloak of elvenkind is a nuisance, so let's just ignore it.

  7. "You cannot rest when there are enemies nearby." And where are they, exactly?

  8. Did we mention respawning enemies? Why shouldn't there be an infinite supply of shadow mages?

Le sigh.

-The Gneech <-- wants to finish Shadows of Undrentide, but is rapidly losing patience with it
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