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More Undrentide Griping

The Arcanist's Tower/Shadow Realm level is insane. Seriously. If I was a player in a group with a DM like this, I would have quit by now. After you use up all of your ammo/spells/items just getting through the Infinite Shadow Mage generators to the boss level, you then have to deal with something like 15 shadow mages and shadow healers, PLUS the shadow lich AND all the crap it summons. And of course, the first thing they do off the bat is cast darkness, which mysteriously makes your henchman forget that they're there and stand around picking lint out of his navel while they hit you with spell after spell after spell -- all of which amazingly penetrate any SR items you might be wearing.

(Yo, Deekin: what part of "Attack Nearest" didn't you understand?)

It wouldn't be as hard if I still had my necklace of fireballs, but -- OH YEAH! I used it up to get to the end of the friggin' level. 0.o

Okay, so I guess I need to go back to an earlier save and hit the magic shop for a ton of scrolls of any and all area affect spells I can get, because my only hope is to come in like a meteor shower and knock 'em all dead in a couple of rounds -- otherwise, I'm just going to keep getting "You are dead. Do you wish to load a saved game or quit playing?" for the rest of eternity.

When a hasted 11th-level elvish fighter/rogue with SR 14, AC 29, +3 to all saves, owl's wisdom, cat's grace, endurance, and bull's strength -- who then lets fly with two cones of cold to start the fight -- is dead within five rounds and there are still 8+ mooks and an uninjured boss still standing, THE FIGHT IS TOO DAMN HARD. Crikey.

-The Gneech <-- would like to see the end credits, but not THAT badly
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