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The Game Twinks at Me, I Twink Back

So I saved my 12th level fighter/rogue and restarted the game, importing him at that level. I know, it's cheesy to go against kobolds and gnolls with a 12th level character, even with the game's automatic scaling process; but it was cheesy of the game to send my 12th level character against never-ending waves of shadow mages, too.

But since I know where everything is now, and my character is so over-the-top tough compared to the opposition for most of the game, I can pretty much breeze through quickly and concentrate on picking up items I'll need for the end, and grabbing a few side quests I missed the first time around. (I didn't realize, for instance, that the "sphinx statue" was supposed to be an actual petrified sphinx who'll ask you riddles if you apply the stone-to-flesh salve to it.)

I expect to get little-to-no experience points for wading through low-level monsters again, but at this stage, leveling up isn't really the point. My plan is that by the time I get around to the shadow mages again, I'll have enough twinky gear to get through them this time.


-The Gneech
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