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Meanwhile... (link)

Thanks for all the encouraging words re: the chicken storyline in SJ, all, but pulling it was and is the right way to go in this instance. This isn't like the predation motif in Kevin and Kell or other similar things that people have brought up; this is a match-for-match duplication of the core gag. It doesn't matter how obscure or seldom-updating the other strip is, there wouldn't be any way for me to continue the storyline without being self-conscious about it, which would kill the spontaneity and humor.

Anyway, it's not like this is the first storyline I've shelved ... it's just the first one that was seen at all by the public first. ;) I have some pretty exacting standards for what I will or won't put into the strip, and one of the requirements for a story is that I have to enjoy working on it. Once I read Celeste's strips, my enjoyment for the killer chicken storyline was shot.

So now I just want to move on. :) Thanks!

-The Gneech
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