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Filling In the Blanks [more gaming]

This post is more for the interest of my players than anybody else, so I'm putting it behind an lj-cut.

laurie_robey has decided that her character is from Chendl, the capital of Furyondy; furthermore, I have decided that Tateland's manor estate, the tower formerly inhabited by the Dragonpriest, is also in Furyondy, near the Highfolk border. That made some things from the previous game click into place, so here are some proposed historical details, merged from the old homebrew world into Greyhawk:

Solas, Shirianri, and The Elfspire
Greyhawk's "elvish homeland" is Celene, so Solas was from there rather than Elfspire. He hired you guys in the Yoemanry, to explore a lost elvish city in the Crystalmist Mountains, which is also where the Sunless Citadel, Glicklicktick's lair, and Lord Shalkti's cave were.

That Damn Wizard
When Gramadon kazapped you guys away from the Yoemanry, you ended up in northwest Perrenland, although you didn't know that's where it was at the time. There you had the adventure of Tamaich's tomb, and Dragor picked up the title "Ogre-Slayer." Your return to the Yoemanry was just in time for Solas to be arrested by elves of Celene.

The Fellowship Goes North
When the elves arrested Solas and carted him off to Celene, you followed, but were basically shut out of all the proceedings and "encouraged" to leave. In the time that's passed since then, you still have not heard from him, or of him. It's clear that he was poking around in something the elves didn't want poked around in.

Shadows Under Furyondy
From Celene, you headed northwest towards Greyhawk City looking for employment. You reached Dyvers, where the mysterious "harvest" of creatures from the Nyr Dyv got you involved with a plot between the drow, a tribe of hobgoblins, and an enclave of mind flayers to destroy Furyondy. This led you to Chendl, where you raided a hidden drow base, and from there across Veluna to the former dwarvish city of Uztheril under the Yatil mountains, where you had the battle at the werebear's hut (and the last session of the previous campaign).

And Then What Happened?
To make a long story short, you guys had a long, grueling fight with the drow and mind flayers under Uztheril. Tateland died again (geeze, guy!) and many of your magic items were used up or lost, but you were victorious! You returned to Chendl, where you were granted that parcel of land that Tateland had been pushing so hard for by way of a reward ... and he was raised again so he could enjoy it. ;) However, this time, he definitely wanted to retire.

You spent a few months there, helping him get settled, during which time Kyriela found the references to Dorl Tavyani that sent you off to Bissel. You also met Angelina and regaled her with some of the tales of your exploits (well, Tateland regaled her mostly, over several evenings at a prominent Chendl tavern); when you decided to go to Bissel, she decided that she was bored to death in economically-depressed, morally-upstanding Chendl, and tagged along. The fact that she had pissed off a particularly wealthy merchant two days earlier only helped seal the decision in her mind. With Tateland out of the group, you decided a rogue's skills would be handy ... not to mention the fact that Kyriela was happy to have another woman around to talk to from time to time.

And then you arrived in Pellak...

What do you think? Make sense? Are there any details you'd like to change or you think should be different?

-The Gneech
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