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By Grapthar's Hammer ... What a Savings

We went out at lunchtime and picked up Van Helsing on DVD. I can already hear the music going "DUNH dunh dunh-dunh DUNH dunh dunh, dunh-dunh DUNH!" in my head. ;)

Speaking of which, if you liked Van Helsing, you should pick up Van Helsing: The London Assignment, a 30-minute animated movie made as a promo. The animation is crap, but the voices are mostly the film cast and the writing is good in the same dumbfun way the movie was. Best of all, it's cheap. ;)

Also, WHY HAVEN'T YOU BOUGHT A WEDDING PRINT YET? Are you going to let neverwench's gorgeous art go to waste? These things are beautiful, and nobody's bought one yet! How insane is that?

-The Gneech
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