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Gaming Guardians

Well, after a bit of ICQ prodding from graveyardgreg, I went back and read his comic, Gaming Guardians (writing by GG, art by WebTroll), from the beginning through the most recent comic.

"My head hums like a swarm of bees."
   --Errol Flynn, The Adventures of Robin Hood

Gaming Guardians is a roller-coaster ride of in-jokes, explosions, wiseass robots, cleavage, death, resurrection, a heckuva a lot of revenge, more explosions, incredibly sadistic mega-powerful supervillains for no readily apparent reason, critical hit and d20 gags, tightly form-fitting costumes, and lots of references to Supermegatopia. It's a webcomic that tosses you onto the back of a rocket and dares you to hold on.

I thought Yin's little jaunt to The Village in SJ was a clever and entertaining adventure, but that would be considered a dull trip to the inhabitants of Gaming Guardians. So if you like lots of nonstop action, it's worth checking out.

Now GG is a buddy of mine and a talented writer at that, so I don't want to alienate him, but at the same time, to make my review complete I need to add that my own tastes lie in other directions -- notice the relative lack of explosions in SJ and NN for instance. As much as I like rollicking adventure stories, Gaming Guardians is little too much like that obscure classic, DESTROY!! to be something I could read on a regular basis. Not a reflection on its quality -- as hard-hitting superhero comedy action, it's very good!

-The Gneech
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